Community Engagement Programs

California Ballet is honored to empower others through the art of dance, helping minds of all ages connect with their bodies and inner creativity to realize that art and education are powerful tools for living a vibrant and fulfilling life. Read more about some of our community engagement programs below. To request more information or to schedule an event, please contact Amanda Daly at


Move Well

Move Well is a program designed to help participants engage in the art of dance by introducing them to basic technical concepts and guiding them in improvisational exercise that will put these skills into practice as artistic expression. People of all ages and ability levels will benefit from the increased mind-body connection gained from performing exercises designed to encourage both a deeper awareness of one’s body in space and an understanding of how dance can build a healthier body overall.


Ballet Insiders

The Ballet Insiders program offers an in-depth exploration of major classical productions, focusing on how full-length narratives are translated and expressed through classical ballet. The concept of stylized movement is introduced and participants are encouraged to identify how certain movement choices help to create specific characters. This program also aims to provide deeper appreciation of ballet storytelling as a reflection of common human themes and as a way to understand the world.

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A Day in the Life of a Dancer

The Day in the Life of a Dancer program enhances youths’ understanding of both the technical and creative aspects of ballet as a 21st century art form, with the goal of creating an awareness of ballet as a medium of artistic expression. Participants explore ballet exercises and build connections between body and mind through movement sequences. This program encourages youth to see relationships between ballet and other aspects of their lives.


Invited Rehearsals

California Ballet Company believes that access to quality arts is not a privilege, but a right. The Invited Rehearsal program works with communities who have limited access to professional level ballet productions in order to provide the opportunity to view company rehearsals, both in the studio and in the theater. Participants will receive a behind-the-scenes look at the creative and staging processes and experience previews of upcoming California Ballet Company shows.


Military in Motion

The Military in Motion program offers low cost ballet classes to military families in San Diego. These classes will focus on building strength, flexibility, and coordination through learning ballet steps and technique, as well as helping students develop confidence. Each session will culminate in an in-studio showcase, in which students will demonstrate what they have learned.


California Ballet Company is available to custom-tailor a program to your school or group’s needs. Please contact us to learn more.



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