Tiffany Smith

SOLOIST • Portsmouth, New Hampshire


TRAINING: Boston Ballet school, Missouri Ballet Theater, Nashville Ballet, and Milwaukee Ballet.

FEATURED CBC ROLES: Sugar Plum Fairy — The Nutcracker, Pas de Trois and Cygnets — Thor Sutowski’s Swan Lake, Septime Webre’s Fluctuating Hemlines, Juanita y Alicia, Jared Nelson’s Bolero.

When I'm not working I enjoy... Sewing! I first learned how to sew just to alter my own clothes, but it has turned into another creative outlet for me.

I love San Diego because: The city is very laid back, and people are always friendly. Of course the weather is spectacular and so are the sunsets.

What ballet or role would you like to dance (and why), but haven't yet? Russian lead in Balanchine’s Serenade. The way the choreography and music are paired is so exciting. Music is so important for me when it comes to connecting with a role.

If I weren't a dancer, I'd be: A fashion or costume designer.

What is your favorite costume? Why? I was in a production of Carmen and got to wear this super fun little black dress. It was very simple with a short fringe skirt, but it fit perfectly and helped me transform into my character.

What can always make you laugh? My dad, his laughter is the most contagious!

What's your perfect day? I love performing, so that would definitely be the way to end the day. I enjoy preparing for show with a Pilates or yoga class, and of course a coffee to start!

What has been your most memorable moment as a dancer? It’s hard to choose one, there are so many wonderful experiences; I think having this as my career is most special as a whole for me.

Fun to know: Tiffany’s impeccable sewing skills have produced beautiful bespoke leotards, costumes, and more.