Preston Swovelin

SOLOIST • Canyon Country, California


TRAINING: Pasadena Dance Theatre and Miami City Ballet School, on full scholarship under Cynthia Young, Lawrence Blake, and Edward Villella.

FEATURED CBC ROLES: Ron Cunningham’s Carmen, Septime Webre’s Juanita y Alicia, Jared Nelson’s Bolero.

NOTEWORTHY: Preston has worked with over 70 organizations, including Eugene Ballet Company as a Principal, Nevada Ballet Theatre, Setsuko Kawaguchi Ballet in Japan, San Diego Opera, CalArts, Troy University as a professor, National Choreographers Initiative, Disney, Bad Boys of Dance throughout Europe, and performed and choreographed in collaborations with Cirque Du Soliel.

When I'm not working I enjoy... Adventure, skydiving, travel, reading, hiking, grooving, pausing, cooking, tinkering, exploring, getting lost, doing nothing, being sarcastic. Basically you name it and I either enjoy it or I'll enjoy giving it a try!

I love San Diego because... What's not to like?! Do you like a little excitement in your life? Are you busy? Need a break from the grind? Do you like sunshine? Delectable delights? Happiness? If you agree with one, or all, or none of the things above then you love San Diego!

If I weren't a dancer, Id' be... The litany of things I could be if I weren't a dancer is too many to count —but I would not be whole.

What can always make you laugh? A sharp wit and a clever response.

What's your perfect day? Tomorrow.

What has been your most memorable moment as a dancer? Opening night on West End in London performing Romeo with BAD BOYS OF DANCE: The projector's bulb fried. Chaos behind the curtain. Press from 30+ different nations in the packed house. A mad dash, sobs, nervous laughter, and boos permeating the air. A savior coming to the rescue. The company pausing to connect. And at last, the roar of joy when I smiled to the audience as the show began.

What is the hardest part about being a dancer? The unattainable endless pursuit of perfection.