Elizabeth Kenyon

COMPANY ARTIST | San Diego, California


TRAINING: California Ballet School, Pacific Northwest Ballet Summer Intensive.

FEATURED CBC ROLES: Dewdrop - The Nutcracker, Twin - The Great Gatsby, Lead Wili - Giselle, Fairy of Temperament, Aurora's Bridesmaid, Pas de Trois first variation - The Sleeping Beauty, Bride of Dracula - Dracula.

When I'm not working I enjoy... Sitting out in the sun (preferably by a beach) and reading. I also love to knit when it's chilly.

I love San Diego because... It is such a beautiful city! San Diego has it all: the beach, mountains, dessert, you name it. It's a nature lovers’ paradise.

What ballet or role would you like to dance (and why), but haven't yet? I have always wanted to perform Christopher Wheeldon's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I haven't seen the whole production but there is a play on the rose adagio from The Sleeping Beauty called the tart adage that is just hilarious. The production is a good mix of fun and humor but is still very classical. It would be a so much fun!

If I weren't a dancer, I'd be: A math teacher. I was fortunate enough to finish my B.A. in Mathematics before dedicating myself to dancing with California Ballet. If I didn't choose to dance full time, I would have pursued a career with my degree.

What is your favorite costume and why? It's really hard to choose just ONE. Perhaps my favorite costume to wear was the Twin costume from The Great Gatsby. It's one of the simplest costumes —a skimpy pink flapper "dress". Well not so much a dress, but more of a pink leotard with pink fringe sewn onto it. I couldn't resist spinning in it, it was so much fun!

What can always make you laugh? A silly face!

Describe your perfect day: My perfect day is waking up in Cabo and drinking piña coladas on the beach.

What has been your most memorable moment as a dancer? So far, the most memorable moment as a dancer was the first time that I performed Dewdrop in The Nutcracker. It was the first time that I performed a soloist role and I was pretty nervous. This role had been long sought out by many dancers in the company over the years. I had wanted to perform that role for so many years and had watched many others dance the role as I grew up in the school. As I danced that night, I felt (and heard) the full support of my peers cheering me on throughout the performance. Even though we compete for roles in the company, we are still a loving and supporting family and I felt their love that night. It was really special.

What is the hardest part about being a dancer? The hardest part of being a dancer is finding balance. Most dancers have supplementary work to support themselves in this expensive city and it can be difficult to find time for yourself.

Fun to know: Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics & French from Point Loma Nazarene University.